Optima Health illustration

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Optima Health

Launching a fresh look to support workplace health and well-being

Optima Health is tasked by some of the UK’s largest public and private sector employers to manage and support both the physical and mental health demands of their staff.

With the merger of two businesses and the rapid uptake of wearable health technology the opportunity for Optima Health was to deliver health support across a range of organisations, geographies and environments. Working closely with their leadership team we started by defining a brand strategy before bringing it to life through a new brand identity.

The new identity is centred around the ‘O’ symbol, which reflects the multiple strands of health services provided. The rich colour palette supports this and enables Optima Health’s identity to stand out within larger client organisations. The illustrative icons represent both the physical and mental health dimensions of the business as well as the four primary service areas.

We have produced everything from an explainer animation to exhibition stands, digital assets to data sheets, mobile medical centre liveries to a launch booklet. The branding has helped galvanise the business as it steps into this new era of holistic workplace healthcare.