Our Methodology

We measure our success by the success of our clients – not by the awards we win (though we’ve won a few of those too). We believe this success is achieved through collaboration: with our clients, partners and others – that’s what the ‘& Co’ bit of our name stands for.

Our approach is flexible and scalable and designed to add the maximum value – whatever our client’s timescale or budget. Ideally, we like to be involved early in the lifecycle of a project, so we can invest time to understand our clients’ challenges in depth and provide full solutions. But our modular approach makes it easy for clients to use us for individual services whenever they wish.


1. Discover

We start by working with you to develop a deeper understanding of how the brand is performing. This may include qualitative and /or quantitative research, conducting a communications audit and a competitor review.

2. Define

Here we collaborate with you to define the desired future outcome and summarise it into a brand platform. This may include the creation of a new name, and the writing of the design brief to ensure the design work has maximum impact.

3. Create

We then launch into creative concepts based on the brand definition and design brief. We share a range of ideas across a defined spectrum. Following your feedback, we refine the chosen design and bring it to life to gain final approval.

4. Guide

We codify the design into a set of guidelines that define primary messages, layout principles, colour, typography and imagery. We then create the core design assets, starting with the logo, as well as templates for key applications.

5. Apply

We can now deliver any conceivable manifestation of the brand identity, including website and digital marketing assets, print material, advertising, sign programmes, sales decks and interiors.

Our Services Include

  • Brand & communications audit
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand workshop
  • Name creation
  • Logo & visual identity design
  • Visual identity guidelines
  • Copywriting
  • Website design
  • Website build
  • User experience design
  • Print design
  • Direct marketing collateral
  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Signs & way-finding design
  • Digital artwork & production

Through our network of collaborators we are also able to offer the following skills:

  • Architecture
  • Interior & retail design
  • Social media strategy
  • Film & video production