G9 Ark launches at the UN Climate Action Summit

G9 Ark launches at the UN Climate Action Summit

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G9 Ark

Launched at September’s UN Climate Action Summit, G9 Ark seeks to reverse global warming by restoring 500 million hectares of our planets’ ecosystem.

G9 Ark is working alongside the UN to create a global project to coordinate the efforts of private capital, companies and citizens seeking to protect and preserve our planet as part of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Regeneration.

Funded by Ark Rewards, customers will be incentivised to choose products and brands that care about the environment through earning carbon offset points.

We have worked with the G9 Ark team to create the brand identity for this ambitious project:

We wanted an endorsement that in time will become as familiar as the Fairtrade logo as it proliferates across everything from coffee shops to eco-friendly clothing.
– Stephen Fern, G9 Ark Chairman

The G9 Ark social network is due to launch in January 2020.

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