New Year’s Revolution

New Years Revolution

January 2018

This year we want to make a difference, to have a positive impact on our environment. The idea of not just aiming to be the best in the world but the best for the world, is one that we’re signing-up to – even as graphic designers. The realisation that I celebrate 30 years in the business this year has inspired me to re-calibrate and re-define our destination, or our journey at least.

While I’ve worked for a plethora of clients over the past three decades, including a collection of charities, foundations and inspiring individuals, they have not all been whiter than white: creating brand identities for the world’s biggest fossil fuel producer, the largest pharmaceutical company and several questionable financial institutions leaves me questioning how I’ve used my skills.

We want to work with the game changers, the people and organisations that share our vision and values. It doesn’t mean that occasionally we may not have to err on the side of financial liquidity over communal ‘good’. It does mean that we intend to steer a course that will see us create communications promoting the ideas and businesses that we believe in. A chance to ‘do good and make money’. The two are not mutually exclusive.

As one of our first steps, we are applying for B-Corp certification, a movement focused on using the power of businesses around the globe to address social and environmental problems and create benefits for all stakeholders and not just (short-term) shareholders. We are just starting the process and who knows, we may not even qualify, but we’ll keep you posted.

Perhaps it shouldn’t have required a new year to remind me how important this is, but anniversaries have their uses. So, we’re putting it out there and you can now hold us accountable for ensuring we start our revolution.

Paul Barlow
Founder & Creative Director