Intelligence at work: signposts not sub-brands

Simplifying Services

February 2018

So often we deal with organisations that have grown organically and created complex internally focused structures which make little sense, particular to a new audience. When evolving or refreshing a brand this secondary layer of communication is easily overshadowed by the singular group or corporate message.

Occupational health is a sector that covers many facets of health and wellbeing and has to be relevant to both employers and employees. With these multiple strands, when Optima Health asked us to refresh their brand, our focus was on this secondary layer, creating a navigation system to simplify access to the business.

Working with Optima we helped define six clear pathways to the organisation. We then designed a family of icons to reflect this which became the foundation for the whole visual identity system. These icons successfully communicate points of entry and avoid the creation of potentially confusing separate sub-brands.