Covid-19 graphics that inform

Covid 19

At times of crises, information graphics can be used to powerful effect. The four projects we have been involved with all use graphic design to cut-through the noise and re-assure the viewer. ‘Death by numbers’ (above) is a graphic we created, looking back on 2020 and comparing deaths from Covid with other annual causes.

HCA Healthcare (below) run London’s leading private hospitals. For most of lockdown their facilities became part of the NHS with equipment supplied to the Nightingale Hospital London. The challenge they faced coming out of lockdown was to encourage people back into treatment centres – many with more life-threatening conditions than Covid-19. We designed a safety campaign, to re-assure patients that HCA facilities are among the safest in the world that has been rolled out across their London treatment centres.

He!p? (below) is a typographic social media post we designed to illustrate a positive message, a lovely idea that we simply passed on.

Defeated (below) is a project to dispel fear around the world in the wake of the pandemic. Creative Conscience teamed up with Nicole Yershon to launch a brief for creative students asking for ideas on a positive campaign based around Covid-19.

The winning idea was by recent graduate Megan Williams, who studied creative advertising at Leeds University and focuses on the number of recoveries based on live data from Johns Hopkins University. As part of the Creative Conscience team we collaborated with VoodooBroadsign and Orb, the campaign was successfully launched in Ireland and will go out worldwide on available digital advertising screens.

Megan Williams
Megan Williams