Author: Archie Patterson

We have just completed the #36daysoftype challenge to create an alphabet (and numerals) in 36 days, designing and posting a new character on 36 consecutive days. Starting with sketches and creating several alternatives for each letterform to enable us to avoid too many repetitions when we start to create words and sentences. It has been a reminder of the craft that lies at the heart of our studio, as well as an opportunity to create some contrasting personalities. Now to have some fun with our new friends…

Kestrel’s technology landscape

Kestrel’s technology landscape

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As Covid-19 swept the globe and many businesses retreated into the shadows, Kestrel Partners decided to step up. Fulfilling the role traditionally occupied by the ‘old banks’, Kestrel’s expertise in business critical software enabled them to invest in and support this vital stream of the economy.

Nine years since we first worked together, Kestrel asked us back to refresh their visual identity as they shifted focus and grew. Retaining the same simple idea of rotating the Kestrel ‘K’ to form the bird icon we then introduced an illustrative technology landscape to suggest Kestrel’s ability to spot potential opportunities. The warm muted colours and serif typography lend a sense of Kestrel’s considered and forensic approach.

We brought the new identity to life across a range of applications including the website, social media posts, presentations, stationery, signage and even their own cycling strip. The business continues to flourish.

Kestrel Business Cards
Kestrel – Rapha