Author: Archie Patterson

PUNCH Torino wanted to create two distinct subdivisions to help them target specific automotive manufacturing sectors. Known for their design and engineering capabilities, separating these out from their electronic engine management systems and revolutionary hydrogen engine designs was important.

Based on this clear strategic pathway, set out by our friends at Hensley Partners we were tasked with defining each of the two new businesses while sitting within the existing PUNCH design framework. Our solution was to create a lead illustration for each along with supporting colour palettes.

This redefinition has given PUNCH Hydrocells clear visibility and enabled it to push ahead with its ambitions to ensure hydrogen combustion engines can provide a real alternative to the fossil fuel intensive automotive industry.

ESG facts not fiction

Accelerating the shift of capital towards a more sustainable economy

Branding — Fintech

Impact Cubed

With their mission to accelerate the shift of capital towards a more sustainable economy, Impact Cubed are obsessed with exposing greenwashing across the global investment community. By collating and creating outcome-based impact data for all listed companies globally – they give investors true insight into their environmental and societal impact.

“We chose L&Co because they genuinely care about sustainability, and also brought world-class brand strategists and designers with international experience and a willingness to work with us as partners. It turned out to be a good choice.” Said Libby Bernick, the CEO.

The final identity is based around Impact Cube’s model, adding the third ‘Impact’ dimension to the traditional investment axis of ‘Risk’ and ‘Return’. The lower case ‘i’ plays on the information symbol and the precise geometric cubes and bold colour palette create clear differentiation from competitors.

“L&Co’s work on the design system, the website and our sales deck has really helped us to clarify our proposition and the way we communicate to potential clients. And they’ve been great to work with, adding impressive skills to our team” said Chris Lee, Head of Marketing at Impact Cubed.

Helping self-funding patients navigate private healthcare

Helping self-funding patients navigate private healthcare

Branding — Medicine

Compare my Care

Compare my Care is an independent online comparison site for self-funding healthcare purchasers. With the NHS under huge pressure many people are turning to private care without insurance. CEO Oliver Bee spotted an opportunity to create an online guide to empower patients to find the best surgeons and hospitals for their specific needs.

The site is designed to appeal to an older audience and uses a bold colour palette to stand out from the plethora of blue medical sites. We employed clean graphics and icons to help walk visitors through the process: Search – Review – Select – Book. The design also works to create the sense of an objective advisor, allowing you to match your needs with sub-specialist consultants and hospitals through accurate information and algorithms.

When we started our journey to certify as a B Corporation in January 2018 it was a relatively unknown brand in the UK. It took us almost a year to complete the process and make it across the qualification score line. Our motivation was and is, to show that business can be a force for good – it’s what it was set up to do after all remember? It’s also about joining a network of businesses with shared values who together can create real change motivated by a philosophy to balance profit with people and planet.

Sadly, the pandemic put a halt to much of the networking, and yet gradually the B Corp brand has gathered momentum and visibility. Being a B Corp has opened many conversations for us and added credibility in our work with Creative Conscience, where we have run panel discussions on B Corp and spread the B Corp mantra as best we can. Ironically, in the week that we finally completed the (appropriately) arduous process of re-certifying three years on, we have won our first client directly as a result of being a certified B Corp, with a business who wants to work with an agency that share their values.

B Corp is not perfect, there have been controversies involving B Corporations falling short of a range of standards – BrewDog, Nespresso to name a couple. However, our belief is that as a B Corp agency, the greatest impact we can have is in supporting clients who share our values and refusing to work with those who don’t. Yes, we need more politicians with conviction who back laws to harness the blind growth and greed of capitalism, but it’s a start and so for now, we are happy to stand up and be counted and wear our B Corp badge with pride.

We recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Creative Conscience, at a charity fundraiser and auction at Spiritland Kings Cross.

Founded by Chrissy Levett with support from Barlow and the L&Co team and an amazing network of helpers and volunteers, Creative Conscience has been the catalyst for more than 6,000 creatives from 96 countries to deliver 5,000 high impact projects that improve the health of the environment and society. In addition to our annual awards we have run events, workshops, talks and courses and influenced the wider creative community to take on some of society and the planet’s greatest challenges.

It was an inspiring evening which included a typically rousing speech by one of our ambassador’s Sir Jonathon Porritt, an art auction run by Mark Shayler and a call to action from Chrissy.

To cap the evening we had entertainment from Danielle from Crazy P, DJ statesman Seb Fontaine and rising stars Javi Rodriguez and D’Oli Disco (yes, his real name). Guests left with a pledge to make at least one change that would positively impact our world and a goody bag of ethical, low impact (of course) goodies.

We have just completed the #36daysoftype challenge to create an alphabet (and numerals) in 36 days, designing and posting a new character on 36 consecutive days. Starting with sketches and creating several alternatives for each letterform to enable us to avoid too many repetitions when we start to create words and sentences. It has been a reminder of the craft that lies at the heart of our studio, as well as an opportunity to create some contrasting personalities. Now to have some fun with our new friends…

Kestrel’s technology landscape

Kestrel’s technology landscape

branding — finance


As Covid-19 swept the globe and many businesses retreated into the shadows, Kestrel Partners decided to step up. Fulfilling the role traditionally occupied by the ‘old banks’, Kestrel’s expertise in business critical software enabled them to invest in and support this vital stream of the economy.

Nine years since we first worked together, Kestrel asked us back to refresh their visual identity as they shifted focus and grew. Retaining the same simple idea of rotating the Kestrel ‘K’ to form the bird icon we then introduced an illustrative technology landscape to suggest Kestrel’s ability to spot potential opportunities. The warm muted colours and serif typography lend a sense of Kestrel’s considered and forensic approach.

We brought the new identity to life across a range of applications including the website, social media posts, presentations, stationery, signage and even their own cycling strip. The business continues to flourish.

Kestrel Business Cards
Kestrel – Rapha